Kalon provides the latest in hygienics. Made by medical experts, our products are designed to improve lives both at home and in healthcare settings.

Kalon is proud to be British owned and operated. Our founders set out to bring pharma-grade hygienic products to the British public, and our organisation now improves anti-microbe standards across the globe.

Our Ingredients

All our products are ethically designed and distributed. Our partners share the same values as us, and we work together to create sustainable solutions.

To achieve pharma-grade quality, we extensively test the solutions that we provide. It is our goal to safeguard your health to the highest standard, and rigorous processes are key to this.

Surface Wipes 100pcs

Trusted by doctors, our antibacterial wipes are perfect for both personal use and in healthcare environments. They prevent the spread of infection, allow users to maintain high standards of care, and come in an easy-to-access canister.

Spray Cleaner 1pcs

Expertly designed to sanitise and disinfect all areas with full surface coverage, this Kalon spray does not stain, is non-corrosive, and will help prevent the spread of infection with just a single coating.

Hand sanitiser 1pcs

Our hospital-grade, alcohol-based hand disinfection gel is perfect for preventing germs from spreading. Its ingredients have a low skin allergy potential, allowing the product to be used frequently between hand washes.