To Prevent
And Protect

Who we are

Sentinel Medicals solutions are crucial to care. We design and distribute medical products to ensure public safety as well as offer complete protection.

By providing products of superior quality, Sentinel Medicals helps to resolve the challenges facing healthcare today. With experts across the globe and an agile network of partners, we can more adequately meet the demands of both consumers and businesses.

Our standards

As medical experts, we meet the standards of both the industry and the nation – no matter what the product is or the market we’re selling it in.

We work across sectors, sourcing and manufacturing solutions that seek to improve quality of care for everyone. Our service helps to ensure patients are safer, practitioners are protected, and standards of medicine are upheld.

Coverall 1pcs

For procedures with a high risk exposure, we have excellent quality coveralls in a range of sizes. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, these exceptional gowns not only help ensure your protection but won’t restrict your movement.

Gown 1pcs

We supply gowns at all AAMI levels so that medical professionals can enhance their safety when working with patients. With multiple size options to choose from, you have complete peace of mind that procedures will be performed with the proper protection.

Wipes canister 100pcs

Clean hands or surfaces with our sleek antibacterial wipe canisters. Killing 99.99% of germs, these wipes are ideal for sanitising spaces ahead of surgery or for personal use. What’s more, they’re kind to the skin and easy to access in medical environments.

Hand Sanitiser Gel 1pcs

Suitable for both personal and commercial use to prevent the spread of germs, our hand sanitiser is an essential item for all facilities. With it, you can provide care with confidence and minimise contact with infected material.

Gloves 100pcs

An alternative to latex, our nitrile gloves offer the same durability while reducing the possibility of skin irritation. This design also allows a superior level of protection as a result of an increased tactile sensitivity and tear resistance, as well as a more comfortable fit.

Masks 50pcs

Both our surgical and respiratory masks are intended for primary, outpatient, community and social care settings. Fluid resistant and built with high filtration capabilities, these products are essential to high-quality care.